Scripture exhorts us to pray for those in governmental authority in our nation (I Timothy 2:1-2). Our nation has been spared in the past from many of the enemy’s plans while certain men and women of the Spirit were alive. Because of their prayer life in the Spirit and the authority they walked in as a believer, we have had a measure of mercy upon us as a nation where there otherwise would have been much more judgment.
Also, because of the prayers of certain men and women of the Spirit in the generation before us, different seasoned ministers, who were called to the office of the prophet, were used of God to deal with some things on a national level--which held back what Satan wanted to do in our nation. God still works the same way today.
It’s become very clear to me that if we, in our day, don't enter into these places of prayer and authority that those in the previous generation walked in, wrong influences will be allowed to enter even further into our government, economy and the social scene of our nation to hinder or delay this era of the move of God’s Spirit. I don’t think many in the body of Christ are really aware of what is on the horizon for this nation if we, as the church, don’t respond to the Spirit in prayer.

An Inward Foreboding

I've had a sense within me for a while concerning some of these things that I would describe as an inward foreboding. A foreboding is defined as a strong inner sense or awareness within one’s spirit of a future misfortune or evil. A foreboding is a premonition or warning from the Holy Spirit within your spirit, a witness that troubles, disturbs or makes your spirit uneasy.
I’m not talking about something that affects my mind because I have been watching the news. I’m talking about something that comes up out of my spirit in prayer--not to my mind from the reports of conditions around me.
We, as believers, are to learn the difference between these kinds of inward premonitions from the Spirit of God, and something coming against our mind from the enemy on the outside. If it is from the enemy--coming from the outside against our mind--we are to use our authority and bind the enemy, answer the fear and give it no place. But, if we are getting a premonition from the Spirit of God, we must learn to respond differently. We are to respond in prayer.

Skillful with our Cues to Pray

Before we go any further, let me give you some Scriptures that describe this inner unsettledness. Many people think the only form of the inner witness we, as believers, will ever get is an inner peace. No, that’s the only kind that reveals God’s will; it’s not the only kind we’ll ever get.
II Corinthians 2:13
I had no rest in my spirit…
This inner witness that Paul described in this verse was an inner unsettledness or disquieting indicating something bad was about to happen.
This type of inner witness could also be described as an inner alarm. It can manifest as a grieving in your spirit. Jesus, at times, groaned in the Spirit and was troubled (John 11:33) or sighed deeply in His spirit (Mark 8:12). This is something within you from the Holy Spirit, not a troubledness, anxiety or fear coming against your mind from the enemy on the outside—maybe because you have been watching too much news or listening to wrong voices in the world.
However, if this foreboding is coming into our spirit from the Holy Spirit within us, we are to respond differently than we would to fear or anxiety that may come from the outside of our being against our mind. Many times when a foreboding comes into our spirit, it is a leading to pray. Or, we could call it a cue to pray. God doesn't want the evil, trouble or bad thing to happen that He is giving us a premonition about, so He is showing us what is coming ahead of time so we can pray and change it (Ezekiel 22:29-31). Learning these things will bring us into more skill in prayer.
Ezekiel 22:30
And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.
The context of this verse is God warning folks that judgment was about to fall in the land because of wickedness. He’s trying to find someone who will intercede on behalf of the nation and change it.
You see, what God is trying to get across to us is that what we are seeing now coming against the church through our government is child’s play compared to what is on the horizon, if we don’t wake up. I’m not being a fearmonger. I’m telling you this from some specific things the Spirit of God has shown me--things that most people couldn’t even imagine being possible in our land right now based on their past experience of life here in our nation.
God doesn’t reveal these things because they are His will. He reveals them so we will go to prayer and change what is about to happen and deliver the church! Satan is after the church and this era of the Spirit!

Using our Standing to Intercede

Righteousness gave you and I a standing in the presence of the Father identical with the standing Jesus has. We are to use our standing before God in prayer for others and to bring about God’s plan here on earth. Like Elijah, (a man, although he was a prophet, he didn’t do this as a prophet--he did it as a man), we are to use our righteousness to start things and stop things (James 5:16-18). We are to stand in the gap for others, to bring blessing, to avert judgment. This is called intercession.
Moses used his standing with God to deliver the children of Israel when they fell into judgment because of their disobedience.
Abraham interceded for Sodom and Gomorrah up until a certain point. You remember that before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, He said it wasn't best to do it without talking it over with Abraham--His covenant man in the earth (Genesis 18:17). You remember Abraham’s great appeal and how he talked with God in a manner that would stagger some.
From his place of right standing with God, Abraham pled for those cities to be spared for the sake of God’s people there. God permitted a man on the grounds of the blood covenant relationship that He had with Him to become the intercessor for the wicked--just to spare the righteous (Lot and his family).
So, when a man enters into covenant with God through the blood of Jesus, he gains the right to arbitrate between the wicked men of the earth and the God of the whole earth. Abraham established the blood covenant precedent of intercession that has stood through all the ages. Through our covenant with God in the blood of Jesus, we, as the church, have also become one with The Great Intercessor.

Warned So We can Pray and Change Things

God raised us up together and made us sit together with Jesus in heavenly places for a purpose (Ephesians 2:6). When the Spirit warns us of a scheme of the enemy, it’s not a time to be sad and fearful; it’s a time to be glad and cheerful! Why? Because the blood of Jesus has caused us to be raised up together and made us to sit together in heavenly places that we may rule and reign on this earth—so that we could manifest God’s power and glory through our prayer life.
There are many things that Satan devises to do that God doesn’t want to happen. So, He informs His people of them so they can pray and avert it through the authority He gave them when He seated them with Christ far above. He’s looking through the earth to find one of those seated ones to ask for mercy because of the blood. He delights in mercy (Micah 7:18).
The blood of the Lamb has given the church a position over the enemy as well as a position at the throne of God in prayer. We, as the church, have a right to arbitrate these things that are happening in our nation before God in prayer. Why? What happens in the land affects the church.
No doubt the person God was searching for to stand in the gap for Israel in Ezekiel's day (Ezekiel 22:29-31) became aware of the judgment that was coming by either a revelation gift of the Spirit or by an inward foreboding within their spirit like I told you about. This was their cue to pray, but no one who sensed the judgment coming responded to their cue to pray and change it, so the judgment came.

Partnering with God to Bring about His Will

It's important that we see God's will in these situations. It's obvious from Ezekiel 22:29-31 that God wants people's lives to be spared, or He wouldn't have looked for someone to intercede so that judgment would be held off. God even said He has no pleasure in the death of the wicked (Ezekiel 33:11). He said He delights in mercy (Micah 7:18). To be effective, prayer will always have to spring from compassion--not a heart full of judgment.
What we see then is that God works with the church in matters of judgment in the land, allowing us to have a say about what happens (Genesis 18:16-33; Exodus 32:7-14). We are partners with Him in the affairs of this earth. Why? Because of the authority He gave us here, both over the devil and with Him in prayer.
We, through our prayer life, determine to a great extent whether this new era of the Word and the Spirit comes to pass because we have dominion over it as well in prayer. What Satan is trying to do in our government is being formed as a device against the church. He wants to stop this last great move of God’s Spirit and go right into the tribulation. We’re not going to let it happen!
When it comes to our nation and government officials, they need our prayers. They don’t have the power to stand against the satanic forces that oppose them without the supply of the church in prayer. As we’ve said in a previous blog, these forces are opposing those in government positions with the intent of hindering or harassing the church in its mission of preaching and teaching the Word.
It’s the church’s place to make the power of God available to these offices and hold back these dark spiritual forces who seek to oppose God’s plan in this hour. It’s only as the church takes its place in prayer that we will prevail over these forces.

This Shall Turn!

Philippians 1:19
For I know that THIS SHALL TURN to my salvation through your prayer, and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
Paul is talking about the church’s prayer life making a supply of the Spirit to him to get him out of jail—a place Satan put him by using wicked government officials. The principle here is that when believers take their place in prayer, it TURNS what the devil meant for evil into a testimony for God’s glory! Things get turned by the power of the Spirit that prayer makes available.
In Acts 12:1-10, we read of how a wicked king imprisoned Peter intending to kill him and how the prayers of the church turned this situation into a great testimony for God’s glory! Prayer made power available that changed something that otherwise would not have been changed. We know that’s true because without the church praying, James WAS killed. But, this kind of authority in prayer is our privilege as ones who have access to the throne of grace—if we will take advantage of it.

A Heavenly Summons to Prayer

Revelation 4:1
Come up hither...
In my heart, I hear this same summons in the Spirit today, “Come up hither!” I’m not talking about the rapture of the church. I’m talking about a summons to men’s hearts from heaven to come into this realm of the Spirit in prayer and change some things--so that God’s plans will be consummated, and Satan’s plans will be stopped.
God is inviting us, as the body of Christ, into a new realm of operating in the Spirit in prayer like some of us have possibly not experienced before. There’s a summons in the Spirit for you to come into this place. I’m just speaking what I hear the Spirit saying and telling you--God is setting before the church an open door.
Other men are pioneering and exploring in the areas of science, technology or medicine. God is calling the church to explore and pioneer in the realm of the Spirit regarding her authority in prayer. His plan for believers in the NT is that we live, minister and pray in the Spirit, not in the flesh.
"In the Spirit" is a landmark in the church today (Proverbs 22:28). It’s one of the standards that those men of the Spirit who went before us in previous generations have set. And, it’s the only place we’ll be able to get the job done that we have been called upon to do in this hour.
Too many have the mindset that just making faith confessions is going to cut it in these areas of the direction our nation is going. It’s not—I’m telling you that by specific direction of the Spirit. Considering our spiritual heritage, we are to contend for a faith that moves in the Spirit and ministers under the anointing.

The standard of the New Testament and the standard of revelation in the church today is that we live, pray and minister in the Spirit, under the anointing and power of God. 

Written By: Jay Eberly // September 21, 2021

© 2021 Jay Eberly Ministries. All rights reserved.

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