Fellowship: Where Vision Is Born

Fellowship: Where Vision Is Born

God has things He wants done in the earth in this last great era of the church. He’s looking for laborers. If believers will listen on the inside, they’ll recognize a summons to the place of fellowship with God in order to receive their assignments concerning their part in His great plan. In that place of fellowship, He wants to birth a vision within their hearts of what their life’s purpose is in this hour. His intent is for them to steward that vision by certain acts of faith so His plan can be manifested in the earth.
You need to know that if you’ll fellowship with God, He’ll give you a vision for what He sees your life being. The reason He will is because He has some things He needs done in the earth and is looking for someone to do them through. And right now, He needs all hands on deck!

When God Speaks, Something Is Born

I John 5:4
For WHATSOEVER is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith.
It has always stood out to me that this verse didn’t say, “WHOSEVER is born of God…” it said, “WHATSOEVER is born of God…” Whatsoever would include any plans a man receives from God, any assignments, any endeavors in ministry or service to God. It includes any vision that comes from the Spirit of God. These are the things that cause a man to overcome anything the devil throws at us.
We’re not talking about a plan formulated in the mind or reasoning of a man. Man’s plans don’t have the power in them to overcome anything. We are told only those things that are born of God will overcome the world.
When God speaks to a man, something of God is born in his heart. It’s a revelation of His plan. We call it vision. It’s the assignment that man is to steward by faith so that God’s plans can advance in the earth.
A vision from the Lord creates a mission from heaven. It reveals the assignment a man is to use his faith to fulfill. We see this truth all through the Bible — that God will give men a revelation of His plan to steward by faith.

Vision: A Mission from Heaven

For example, Mary was given a vision of a supernatural pregnancy--a birth and life that was more important than any in human history. She stewarded that vision by receiving it and saying, “Be it unto me according to your word!” She also lived the rest of her days to serve the plans of the One she would bring into the world.
God gave Moses a vision of a great deliverance for God’s people from Egyptian bondage under his leadership as well as a plan to guide them to the place of promise. He stewarded that vision by looking past the threats of the world’s mightiest king and fearlessly confronting him with the words, “Let my people go!”
Noah was given a vision to build a boat that would save a godly seed from a great flood—a flood that would destroy the wicked. Noah stewarded that vision by preparing for what God said would come to pass. In doing so, he kept himself and his family alive to repopulate the earth.

What About You?

Just like these and other men and women throughout history, God is looking for those who will steward a vision from heaven so His plans and purposes can be fulfilled. We have come again to a pivotal season in God’s plan—the time of the last great outpouring of the Spirit. Just as God worked through the lives of ordinary people throughout the centuries to accomplish His purposes, He is again calling ordinary people to know His plan and steward it in the earth by acts of obedience and faith.
I’m standing in faith that all God has in His heart will come to pass. Aren’t you? But, if the future is to be as God purposes it to be, He must find men and women who will receive the vision and know their part in His earthly plans being fulfilled. And, He must find men and women of faith who will steward that plan, obey God and serve that plan through obedience to the divinely granted vision.
Any vision a man receives from heaven regarding his part in God’s plan will bring greatness into that man’s life--if he will receive it. When a man’s life takes on the plans of God as an assignment, he becomes a part of something much greater than himself.
He also takes on something much greater than he has the ability to accomplish. But, because God Himself is the source of that plan, all of the resources of heaven are at that man’s disposal to accomplish it. And, nothing the god of this world throws at it will be able to stop its progress--particularly if that man mixes his faith with it.

Fellowship: The Place of Vision

But, I want you to see that the place of fellowship is where God births vision for His plan in the heart of a man—particularly his individual part in that plan. Let me show you what I mean by using Abraham as an illustration.
Abraham is called the father of faith. When it comes to faith, Abraham is at the top of the list of the “greats.” But, let me show you part of the reason why: because he used his faith to fellowship with God and get a plan born of God, and then he walked it out.
One thing you must understand concerning Abraham is that he was called the friend of God. Why is that so? Well, first of all, we know the term friend in the Bible often refers to covenant.
But second, we see Abraham was called the friend of God because he had the habit of drawing near and communing with God (Genesis 19:27, 18:23; Romans 4:17). He and God talked often and in that time of fellowship, God gave Abraham a vision He wanted him to steward in the earth by faith. The vision was of a great nation coming out of his loins, from which the Redeemer of the whole world would eventually be manifested.
Among other things, Abraham stewarded that vision by using his faith to receive the son God had promised him when it was impossible for him and Sarah to have children. That was Abraham’s part in God’s plan, but what about you and I?
By hearing from God in the place of fellowship, something will get breathed into our spirits from God Himself as He speaks to us. And, what is born there of God in seed form—that vision of what God wants to do in the earth through our lives--contains the wonder-working power of God to do something grand and glorious through us that will overcome the world. That means God’s wonderful plan will be manifested and whatever the god of this world throws at it won’t be able to stop it—particularly if that man uses his faith to fulfill it.

What Is Vision?

I don’t think we, as faith people, have been taught sufficiently about the connection between a God-given vision and our faith. Vision is a revelation of the plans and purposes of God for our lives. It is the very foundation faith stands on. Faith comes by hearing, but the Bible tells us that when God speaks, He speaks in vision (Psalm 89:19). What does that mean? When He speaks, you see it on the inside.
Vision is seeing with the eyes of our heart what God sees our lives being, because He spoke to us. It is receiving a revelation from God of our purpose and potential in Him. It is divine insight into how God sees us.
That vision or revelation of the plan is the blueprint God gives us to follow in order to produce a physical reality by faith. It’s the pattern shown to us on the mount (Hebrews 8:5), which we are to follow as we walk out our lives.
Revelation of the plans and purposes of God comes from the Holy Spirit. Vision is a divinely-empowered ability to see something that does not yet exist in the physical realm. It is the future God has for a man, if he will choose it and mix his faith with it. It is seen by faith, not by sight—yet it is nonetheless real. It is a picture painted on the heart of a man by God himself.
We’re talking about something that is given by God, not an idea conjured up in one's own thoughts or imagination. It will only be by God’s power and His provision that a vision from God can ultimately be fulfilled.

So God’s Plans Don’t Perish

We know the Bible says that without a vision, people perish (Proverbs 29:18). But, I want you to also see that the plans and purposes of God will also perish in the earth unless someone gets those plans downloaded into their spirit through prayer and fellowship with God and stewards them by faith. Can God count on you?
This is where the power is found to always prevail in life. No man will always prevail if he is walking out his own plans. Fellowship with God is the place where the plan of God is birthed into a man’s heart. And, the faith that comes by hearing that plan will overcome anything the devil throws at it to stop it.

Let’s each spend the necessary time in God’s presence, believing Him to reveal our part in God’s great plan. And, let’s each steward that vision until all that is in the Father’s heart will come to pass in this hour.

Written By: Jay Eberly // August 17, 2021

© 2021 Jay Eberly Ministries. All rights reserved.

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