Changing Mindsets, Finding Understanding



In this inspiring series, Pastor Debbie Eberly boldly outlines why many believers still live in defeat because of wrong thinking. Many have come out of environments that fostered negativity, condemnation, sin consciousness and unbelief. Consequently, “affections” or mindsets (the way one thinks or forms opinions) were formed by these factors. When a believer comes into the kingdom of God, these old mindsets come too. Only when we incline our ears to God’s Word and allow right thinking into our mind gate does understanding come, which is faith that rises in the heart–then we actively speak that faith with our mouth and it works for us!

The Bible is clear on what to set our minds on, which is God’s Word. It’s by meditating in the Word that one gains the wisdom and understanding needed to transform mentalities. This change only comes when the believer seeks (desires or craves) understanding of the Word and actively displaces wrong mentalities by embracing the right ones.

In Colossians 3, Paul exhorts that we are to “put off” the fleshy desires and “affections” of the mind, and “put on” the new man or walk in faith and love, as well as all the fruit of the human spirit. Establishing a mentality of love will help to eradicate offense from the heart and mind of the believer and will foster an honor for the pastor and the local church.

This series will give you the tools to completely eradicate wrong mentalities and revolutionize your thinking by gaining an understanding of God’s Word that will help you to progress through the doors of God’s Best!

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