Christ the Healer: Semester Two



Listen to more exciting news about God’s health and healing, and learn how to access it by faith! A continuation of Christ the Healer Semester One, Pastor Jay Eberly draws on his years of experience while ministering to the sick in Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin’s Healing School, and while ministering for several years in his own traveling ministry.

Pastor Jay explores the role of faith in receiving divine healing. He also points out that the individual’s faith makes them whole and refutes the idea that the “sovereignty” of God determines who is healed. He explains the important characteristics of a vibrant faith life, clears up many misconceptions about the subject of faith, and teaches how to mix faith with the healing anointing. Furthermore, Pastor Jay expounds the different ways sickness can enter the body, explores the fact that demon activity is involved in some cases of sickness, and teaches how to close the door to the enemy and exercise authority over him.

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