Dealing with Anxiety: It’s a Faith Process



The Word of God instructs believers to cast their care upon the Lord–once and for all! Many struggle with this direction and instead habitually take back the care—turning it over and over in their minds, and, in turn allow a troubled heart. Allowing cares to dominate us affects our ability to spiritually develop and take hold of all the promises of God. In the natural or emotional arena, yielding to “triggers” and “reacting to our reactions” only perpetuates symptoms of anxiety, depression, panic disorders and weakens the physical body.

Pastor Debbie teaches living permanently free from all the oppression of the enemy by keeping our attention on the Word of God, using our faith and putting ourselves in atmospheres that are conducive for spiritual growth! The enemy comes to solicit our attention away from God and His Word, in order that he may gain entrance into our lives. Left unchecked, anxiety can rule us and become a powerful tool of the enemy to draw us back into bondage. It can induce stress, torment, mental anguish and also trigger physiological changes that adversely affect our bodies, all of which are the very things that Christ redeemed us from. Pastor Debbie teaches about the root of anxiety, how to recognize it and how to boldly resist the lies and symptoms that keep us in a perpetual state of spiritual and physiological disorder. By following simple steps of faith, you can enjoy a life free from anxiety!

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