Divine Healing and Health for Today


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It is imperative to move forward and become skilled in receiving the healing and wholeness that belongs to us!

The contents of this book and the Divine Healing & Health for Today class teachings includes compelling chapters that teach believers how to possess healing and wholeness with a progressive faith. These powerful teachings contain potent medication—the God-kind of life filled with inoculating power to heal any kind of sickness and disease for those who believe.
The reader will see that every Christian has an all-inclusive salvation-redemption through Jesus, which gives them authority in Christ to access the inward grace or divine life that brings all the blessings of God. However, in order to embrace this healing and health—rather than coddle sickness and disease—they must learn how to aggressively renew their minds and develop strong spirits.

In particular, this impactful teaching—based on the inspired Word of God—will help the believer to gain a valuable comprehension of divine healing as well as divine health. They will learn how to turn their faith loose and walk in healing which denotes a process of “mending, cure or restoration” of any part or parts of the physical body in need. And, they will learn how to walk in divine health which means a “cure, remedy, medicine, deliverance, wholeness, soundness” for the body as a whole.

Including the Special Healing Anointing and Ministry Endowments


This impactful section includes family and ministry photos and in depth teaching about the tangible healing anointing, as well as insight about ministerial offices and their endowments or gifts of the Spirit to minister to the sick, diseased, lame and hurting.
Pastor Debbie shares vital parts of Pastor Jay and her healing ministry backgrounds and testimony, as well as pertinent healing ministry truths and quotes from generals of faith Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin Sr. and Dr. Edward Dufresne.

Chapter One: Walking in Divine Health and Healing
Chapter Two: Redeemed: Our All-Inclusive Salvation Package
Chapter Three: Divine Healing or Divine Health?
Chapter Four: God’s Word is His Will
Chapter Five: Understanding the Faith Process
Chapter Six: God’s Word Brings Life and Health
Chapter Seven: Delegated Authority for Healing and Health
Chapter Eight: Walking in Love: Forgiveness, Mercy & Compassion
Chapter Nine: Developing a Healthy Mentality: Growing in Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom
– Part One: Faith’s Progression of Knowledge, Understanding & Wisdom
– Part Two: Building a Healthy Mentality–Growing Up Spiritually
Chapter Ten: The Peace, Joy & Praise Connection
Chapter Eleven: Paul’s Thorn and Job’s Boils
– Part One:What About Paul’s Thorn in the Flesh?
– Part Two: What About Job’s Boils?
Chapter Twelve: Answering Key Questions
1. How do we reach out to, pray for or minister to the sick?
2. Why do I need to attend a local church? How does it affect my healing?
3. Is it scriptural to pray, “Lord increase my faith?” What is the difference between Old Testament and New Testament faith?
4. Does a healthy lifestyle affect divine healing and health? What changes do I need to make?
Chapter 13: The Special Healing Anointing & Ministry Endowments
– Part One: Laying on of Hands Ministry–The Special Healing Anointing
– Part Two: The Fivefold Ministry Offices: Operating in Their Endowments

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