Godly Repentance



This thought-provoking teaching by Pastor Jay brings to light the important role repentance plays in all of our lives.

In this all-important audio, you will learn what true repentance is–and maybe even more importantly–what it is not! It is not a negative thing. Nor is it just being sorry because one got caught. Nor is it a sign of weakness.

Godly repentance is the only way out of situations that sin has opened the door to in our lives. Making faith confessions of the Word is scriptural and has its place in our lives, as does meditating on the Word, prayer and binding the devil. But none of these will ever recover us from what true godly repentance will recover us from.

The modern-day church needs to renew its mind to the fact that godly repentance is a true gift from God and is still for us today.

Get this audio today and discover this wonderful gift from God called repentance!

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