In The Spirit: God’s Plan For The New Testament Believer



Too often in the body of Christ today, the Spirit realm is a realm unknown–mysterious, unfamiliar–even avoided. This is a tragedy because the Spirit realm is the realm of God; the true homeland of every born again believer.

Because the church in our day is in danger of losing the revelation of what it means to be in the Spirit, Pastor Jay has dedicated himself to providing balanced, Word-based teachings that educate the body of Christ regarding God’s plan for New Testament believers to live and minister in the Spirit–not in the flesh.

In his teaching, Pastor Jay Eberly goes beyond the surface about the Spirit realm and shows believers today how to build their faith so that the Spirit realm becomes even more real than the natural realm. He also teaches how believers can make use of what is available there in the realm of the Spirit to receive the help they need, overcome trials, become a spiritual and natural success, as well as bear more fruit in their ministry.

There are many vast resources laid up in the Spirit realm for every believer. In this series, you will learn just how very real those resources can be to you, and how to take advantage of them.

Pastor Jay says, “I hear a summons in the Spirit realm today to, ‘Come up hither’ (Rev. 4:2). An invitation has been sent from the throne of God to come up into the realm of the Spirit, know God and operate with Him there so He can, through us, usher in the great plans He has for the church in this hour.”

Get this series today and become not just a spectator, but a participator in God’s great plan for His people in this end-time era!

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