Into the Doors of More



God has placed Doors of More before every born again believer. Christians must not only be cognizant of these doors that signify spiritual growth, but they are to learn how to get through them with a progressive faith. In this series, Pastor Debbie Eberly ministers in particular about walking in the light (Eph. 5:8-21) and walking through the open doors of God’s grace—flowing in demonstrations of the Spirit and of power for our lives and ministries (1 Cor. 2:4,5; 1 Cor. 16:9, “A great and effective [powerful] door has been opened to me”). The doors Paul spoke of signified levels of great increase that God was leading him into in order to walk in demonstrations of the teaching-preaching of the Word and the utterance gifts, the revelation gifts and the power gifts of the Spirit—to show God’s love and power to the people of Ephesus and beyond (See Debbie Eberly’s book: Faith on Trial, pgs. 354-364).

Using illustrations from her family background, Pastor Debbie shares from her rich heritage of faith and how this has marked her life and ministry today. As a young child, character, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and faith for the supernatural and the miraculous were demonstrated and imparted to her in many ways; however, in order to go forward in integrity and longevity, she needed to be better grounded in the teachings of the Word and the wisdom of a Bible-based, spirit-filled pastor and local church family.

Developing character propels our faith and helps us to better respond to the power and plan of God with integrity and longevity. As the Spirit has witnessed to Pastor Debbie, to have solid and sustained spiritual growth, “We must be in the atmospheres that are conducive for spiritual growth.” Being surrounded by spiritually mature individuals who flow with the Word and the Spirit will help to properly strengthen and develop us; we will be helped to grow in godly character, lead a Spirit-filled life and navigate in the supernatural (includes: speaking in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs). As we renew our minds, develop our spirits and are continuously yielded to the Spirit, we will be propelled forward Into the Doors of More: Developing Character, Being Filled with the Spirit & Progressing in the Plan of God!

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