Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage



Providing an in-depth study on the topics of marriage, divorce and remarriage, this enlightening series will benefit those who are single, married, divorced, remarried or anywhere in-between! Single people will learn the biblical answer for dealing with loneliness, how to be led by the Spirit and use wisdom in choosing a mate and how to scripturally prepare for marriage. For those who are married, a thorough teaching is included about the role of the husband and the role of the wife in a Bible-based union. You’ll learn the true intention of submission in the marriage, and how to lovingly treat one another as husband and wife. Pastor Jay gives a clear teaching on how to walk in love with an unsaved spouse, and he also gives the biblical scenarios where divorce is permitted. There are many misconceptions about divorce and remarriage, but this series takes a deep dive into what the Word says. Pastor Jay also gives practical tips and sound wisdom for those who are entering a second marriage, including how to join families that have children from previous marriages.

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