Offense: The Trap Of Satan



Offense is one of Satan’s favorite weapons against your spiritual growth. It separates you from your spiritual supply. It hinders your prayers, clouds your mind and is extremely deceptive. Yet, multitudes of Christians fall prey to offense daily. In fact, they nurse hurts and hold on to them at all costs, even though the Bible tells us that this is extremely dangerous. Furthermore, the Scriptures warn us not to have fellowship with the offended. Offense is a troublemaker! Many Christians still have the bad spiritual habit of taking offense, even though it will allow much damage into their lives. In this timely series, Pastor Jay Eberly explores the pitfalls and traps of taking offense; but more importantly, he sheds light on learning a new habit-—not taking offense when it comes. Get this series and learn:

– How God NEVER leads through offense
– Why offense always needs the validation of others
– How to recognize when offense is trying to get inside you
– Why you should love bold preaching on this subject
– How your mind is the battleground of offense

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