Our Rights and Inheritance in Jesus’ Name



As the body of Christ, we have been given unqualified use of Jesus’ name. In other words, Jesus gave us power of attorney to use His name. By giving us proprietary use of His name, Jesus expects us to use it skillfully, use it wisely and use it on purpose! When Jesus was raised far above, His name was also raised above. His name is above every name, and there is nothing that can resist it.

In this eye-opening series, Pastor Jay Eberly teaches what belongs to us in Jesus’ name and instructs believers how to use His name when praying to the Father to receive whatever we need. In addition, we learn what a mighty and victorious weapon the name of Jesus is in exercising authority over all the forces of darkness that oppose us. When we pray in His name, Jesus assumes the responsibility of the request as if He is asking the Father for Himself. God challenges His children to boldly stand on His Word and use the name of Jesus to obtain all that they need.