The Prayer Life of the Believer – Semester 1



In this series, Pastor Jay Eberly conducts a comprehensive study on the who, what, why and how of prayer. All Christian are to pray—-there is no such thing as a special calling to prayer. Pastor Jay explores the different types and purposes of prayer, teaching the hearer how to pray more effectively. He also goes through a biblical study of why God needs His people to pray and gives Scriptures for how to pray successfully. God is looking for believers who will be a co-laborer with Him in prayer to reach the lost, to pray for other’s needs and to release His power into situations that otherwise would not change.

This in-depth series includes two semesters–Semester One includes 28 teachings, and Semester Two includes 31 teachings. Each semester is sold separately. Those who will invest the time in learning how to pray according to the Word will be changed forever as they walk out the plan of God for their lives in perfect fellowship with Him.

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