Protecting the Unity of Your Company



The Scriptures tell us that God places each member in the body of Christ into divine relationships with others as it pleases Him. It is so vital in these days that we guard and protect these divine connections by learning to walk in the unity of the Spirit, especially in the setting of the local church.

In this timely CD, Pastor Jay expounds on the fact that unity is more than being in the same building–it’s an assembly of people whose hearts are connected for a common purpose. This type of unity produces a corporate house where the Spirit of God dwells and is free to manifest more fully.

Pastor Jay also explains why you will never experience more demonic attacks against any relationship on this earth as you will encounter against a divine connection. The enemy knows how powerful unity of the Spirit is and will do his best to bring division and strife into these relationships to rob God’s people of the supply of the Spirit they need. This lesson not only teaches how to recognize this spiritual warfare but gives you the tools to defeat the enemy every time.

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