Receiving and Flowing With The Compassion and Mercy of God



Because of the merciful heart of God and the shed blood of Jesus, God longs to do so much more for His people. This series is an all-inclusive, in-depth teaching on the compassionate nature of our heavenly Father and the importance of us developing faith in His tender mercies. As we do, it enables us to walk in blessings that we would otherwise never obtain for ourselves! And, even more so, we can become a vessel of God’s mercy on behalf of others.

In this series, Pastor Jay teaches about the various flows of God‘s compassion today including His healing, forgiving and delivering mercies, and he also discusses how the flow of compassion is a doorway into the supernatural.

This teaching also shows how God, in His compassion on those who don’t know their rights and privileges in Christ, sends ministers to give them the knowledge of God so precious lives aren’t destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

Furthermore, this series also goes in-depth concerning the flow of God‘s mercy and compassion in prayer. God is looking through the earth for someone who will yield to the Spirit and become a laborer together with Him in prayer to change things that the enemy is about to do, setting things on course with the plan of God.

Get this series today and build your faith to receive God’s mercy for yourself as well as flow with the compassion and mercy of God towards others.

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