Receiving in the Midst of Opposition



Psalm 23:5 tells us that God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies. In a time of prayer, the Spirit of God spoke to Pastor Jay Eberly and said, “If the provision is set in the presence of your enemies, then the receiving will have to be done in the presence of your enemies.” Those enemies are fear, doubt, condemnation or anything the enemy may throw in the believer’s way to oppose receiving. Many Christians ask why it is so hard to receive from God, thinking that He is withholding something from them. They don’t realize that God is never withholding from His child, but rather, it is the enemy that opposes our receiving from God. The Bible tells us that God is easy to be entreated or to receive from. Be like a bull dog with a good bone and say, “It’s mine—I am not letting go!” Get this series and be inspired to receive what’s already yours by faith and then hold on!

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