Stewarding Spiritual Manifestations, Avoiding Error in These Last Days



God’s Spirit will be in great demonstration in these last days, so it’s vital that the church operates in the manifestations of the Spirit accurately. Many moves of God in the past have ended prematurely because the enemy was successful in infiltrating the true manifestations of the Spirit with something false. To better cooperate with God’s plan for this day and safeguard it from being thwarted by the enemy, we must have clear voices giving direction to spiritual manifestations from the Scriptures.

The enemy is always busy in his desire to subvert and abort the moves of God. He seeks to sow deception and confusion into what God is doing by misleading people into accepting false manifestations. He also takes advantage of those who are ignorant of the Word regarding their responsibility to properly handle true spiritual manifestations. Now more than ever, it is imperative that believers become skillful in recognizing the true move of the Spirit and how to judge spiritual manifestations. Get this timely series by Pastor Jay Eberly today and discover what is required on your part for everything the Father has in His heart to come to pass–and last! It’s time for the body of Christ’s finest hour!

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