Take Heed to Your Ministry



The Bible instructs ministers to take heed to the ministry they have received of the Lord in order to fully and accurately fulfill it. This makes each man or woman called to the fivefold ministry responsible to prepare to fulfill that call, give themselves to their ministry and develop in faith to manifest it fully. To fail to follow these simple Bible instructions will put our call into the ministry in danger of going unfulfilled.

In this enlightening series, Pastor Jay Eberly draws from his 30 years of ministry to teach ministers how to take heed to the ministry they have received of the Lord and how to be skillful in the anointing upon their lives so they can progress through all its phases. He discusses many of the necessary ingredients to being successful in the ministry such as consecration, faithfulness, staying in your office, staying properly connected to those placed over you in the Lord, honoring those who pioneered paths of faith before us, following God’s plan for YOUR ministry, developing faith to fulfill your call and so much more.

When those who are called make themselves vessels of honor, sanctified and meet for the Master’s use, God is able to promote them into the ministry He ultimately has in mind for them and use them in ways they never could have imagined, making them a greater blessing to the body of Christ.

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