The Edification Gifts



The Edification Gifts: The Doorway to a greater move of the Spirit!

The Lord is endeavoring to get the body of Christ to the place where He can move by His Spirit in our midst in a greater way. Using sound, biblical truths, Pastor Jay teaches about the doorway into this greater dimension of the Holy Spirit and His presence among us by edifying ourselves with divinely inspired utterances.

There is an essential area of speaking in inspired utterances that has had little exploration in the body of Christ. It is the area of speaking in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. The Holy Spirit is waiting on us to respond to Him in this means of spiritual edification in order to take us on into greater moves of the Spirit.

Every believer has the right to manifest this spiritual gift for their spiritual edification in their own private prayer life.

Order this series today and learn how to be edified by yielding to divine utterances of the Spirit and, in turn, be faithful to God’s plan in this day and hour!

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