The Glory of God



God is calling His people today to unite in corporate worship services and build a spiritual house so that He can take us from one degree of His manifested glory to another. Our part is to learn to walk in unity, reverence and honor for the moving of God’s Spirit among us in order for God to move us on to greater moves of the Spirit.

The Spirit of God spoke to Pastor Jay Eberly and said, “The manifestation of the glory is the last frontier of the church–it’s where the fullness is!” In this series, Pastor Jay expounds on what the Lord shared with him and teaches in-depth biblical truths about what the glory of God is, its purpose, what happens in the glory, how to build a spiritual house, how to progress in the glory, the glory in the local church, how His manifested glory among us is Him honoring us for building according to His plan and so much more.

This series also reveals another aspect of what the glory of God is—not just the manifest presence of God, but the ideal condition God created man to be, things being the way God intended them to be—His ideal for life down here on earth. Sin caused us to lose the glory, but God had a plan to restore mankind back to the glory—the plan of redemption!
God wants to do great and mighty things among us. Get this series today and learn to cooperate with His plan and progress further into His glory!

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