The In Christ Revelation



In Christ, there is a new knowledge we as believers must renew our minds to called, “The In Christ Realities.” It is the knowledge God has of the new creation as revealed in the epistles of the Apostle Paul. In this series, Pastor Jay discusses the fact that God sees every believer to be in perfect union with Christ and fully identified with Him in His death, burial, resurrection, ascension and seating at the right hand of the Father. Those who obtain revelation knowledge of the image God has of them will be exalted above their natural man, their earthly status, limitations and failures into their rightful place in Christ.
Just like we often need to carry an identification card with us that has been issued by a higher authority than ourselves to conduct business in this natural world, we must also carry some heavenly identification with us to conduct business with God; especially when we encounter the affairs of life.

Satan opposes believers having the right image of themselves. He works overtime to distort their own self-image by condemnation, unbelief or past experiences. That’s why we must be persistent as we stand against the devil with God’s Word, which is a faithful portrait of the new creation.

Wrong images can be powerful and they can persist, but the weapon of God’s Word is even more powerful and has the ability to demolish deceptive strongholds of the enemy and build God’s image of the new creation into our spiritual consciousness.

If any believer will dare to diligently meditate on these new spiritual realities, speak them constantly and answer the enemy’s lies, wrong images will absolutely bow the knee to the Word of God. God will invite that man into a place in the Spirit where He conducts an unveiling ceremony; a place where He reveals the new you in Christ!

Warning: Radical transformation ahead!

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