The Spirit of Faith



The Lord spoke to Pastor Jay in 2013 and said, “I want you to lead out in the spirit of faith, because the spirit of faith will be lost if it is not preached and demonstrated, especially for the move of the Spirit.” From that time, Pastor Jay has made it his goal to specialize in the spirit of faith, learning what it is, practicing it, as well as teaching and inspiring others to rise up and live from it themselves.

God’s Word reveals both the principles of faith and the characteristics that those who have the spirit of faith will display as their faith is acted upon. In this study, Pastor Jay brings out that the spirit of faith is the aggressiveness of faith that brings a man to the point that the Spirit meets his faith. It is the audacity that initiates the miraculous rather than waits for God to do something sovereignly.

The attitude the spirit of faith gives a man causes him to make a different sound. Rather than sound like a victim, he rejoices in trials, gets out of the boat, tears the roof off, defies what the devil is saying and runs toward his Goliath shouting the Word of God. He makes what Satan meant to defeat him, turn and work for him.

This is the life of faith that God has chosen for His children to live, and it is available to all those who press into the Word and contend for it.

Many Christians think they lack faith when actually, they lack the spirit of it. The faith they have remains passive. This is the reason why a majority of Christians, although sincere, remain weak.

Get this series and be inspired from the Word to contend for the kind of faith which has great reward. It will be those who have a spirit of faith who will lead this era of the Word and Spirit. Like Caleb, they have another spirit with them and will be the ones who enter into the Spirit realm and lay hold of what God has for the church in this hour.

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