The Word on Faith & Victory (Book)


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Our full and complete success in every arena of life has already been purchased by the work of Christ in redemption. However, the fact that it has been purchased does not make it automatic. The experience of that success is based on our learning to walk by faith. In his book, The Word on Faith and Victory, Pastor Jay Eberly shares with you the great truths that he has learned from the Word of God concerning the life of faith. He writes, “The greatest things that will ever happen to you will be when you move into the spiritual realm and operate in it by faith. Faith reaches into the unseen realm and makes use of its resources for the enhancement of life in this seen realm. Faith can see what the natural eye cannot see, so it can have what the natural man cannot have. It is the currency of the kingdom of God, the only thing God honors in exchange for goods and services.” This book is based on the transcript of his popular Scripture CD, by the same title, The Word on Faith and Victory. It is designed to both school your spirit in the truths of biblical faith and inspire you to possess your victory by stepping out in faith on God’s Word.

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