The Word on Health & Healing (Book)


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God has made a way for every person to experience an abundant life free from sickness and disease. In his book, The Word on Health and Healing, Pastor Jay Eberly equips the reader with powerful Scriptures for meditation and edification. Pastor Eberly says, “As these scriptures begin to enter into your inner consciousness, they’ll begin to give light to your spirit and prevail over any weakness or sickness that may be in your body.” As you take time to feed on these Scriptures, you’ll become more aware of the goodness of God and His desire that you be well. Faith will rise in your heart, empowering you to overcome any sickness that you may be dealing with, in order to live in divine health. Sowing time into meditating on these Scriptures will surely result in a greater capacity to receive health and healing from God.

This book is based on the transcript of his popular Scripture CD, by the same title, The Word on Health and Healing. These materials furnish you with tools designed to enlighten your spirit with the truth about sickness and disease, and how to live in God’s freedom. Focusing on these Scriptures will allow the Word to grow in you mightily – prevailing over every sickness!