YOUR Adversary As A Minister



One of the highest honors of any believer is to be called by God into the fivefold ministry. However, that call also makes one the target of Satan’s attacks. He seeks to hinder God’s plan so that it goes unfulfilled. While sobering, we can have complete success through recognizing these strategies and overcoming them through practicing the Word. As we keep the doors closed to Satan, he will have no opportunity to destroy our ministry, or even hinder our progression into increased anointing or more of what God has for us.

In this audio, Pastor Jay draws from I Peter 5:8  and Psalm 27:11, which reveal there are evil spirits assigned to all believers, especially ministers, to observe them in order to find areas of weakness or un-sanctification so that they can exploit these areas as a means of getting the advantage over them and hindering them.

YOUR adversary is the unique strategy of the enemy against your individual life or ministry which may not be used against another. We must be sober and give these strategies no place, because, as Pastor Jay teaches, you can’t fight Philistines in the ministry and sleep with them in your personal life.

Not one minister needs to end up on the spiritual junk heap, nor forfeit the ministry God has for them. Listen to this timely audio today and learn how to succeed in the presence of YOUR adversary.

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