Your Body: A Temple Fit for the King



The Scriptures tell us that our body belongs to God, and it is to be used for the Lord’s glory. We could say that taking proper care of our bodies is much like driving and properly maintaining a company car. We must realize that there are not only spiritual laws, but natural laws as well that we must observe to keep from damaging our bodies. The man who has uncontrolled fleshy appetites which hinder his ability to finish his course, compares to an undisciplined ball player who is sidelined on the bench—-he’s not able to be out on the field helping his team win a victory! This is the only body we will receive in this life. God’s will is that we finish our course and positively affect the kingdom of God, living out our years on this earth in good health. He has made it our responsibility to keep our bodies a temple fit for the King, usable for God by using both faith and wisdom.

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